With the academic year coming to a close it’s definitely a busy time for everyone. With deadlines and exams fast approaching, our students from across Winchester share their top tips to help you stay calm during this busy time of the year.

I take the pressure off by planning in times to take a break and treat myself with small things to look forward to like watching a TV show, reading a chapter of my book, having a bath, phoning my best friend or going for a walk. Fresh air is completely the best thing for stress. Also, a lot of tea.

I try really hard not to work beyond 10pm to let myself completely unwind before going to bed otherwise I would just dream of assignments all night. This is easier said than done though and I usually end up pulling a few all-nighters just before a deadline!!

Rebecca – MA Marketing Innovation

My tip would be to plan your weeks! Make sure you have time to chill and see your friends but also allocate time to do your uni work. If you stick to your plan of what work you’re doing and when you will get everything you need to done!

Fiona –  Sociology

During times of stress at university, particularly hand in dates for the big essays and extended projects, I like to schedule my study time. I work better first thing, so I get up early and work through till lunch time. That way I can have an hour or two to eat or walk or just see friends in the afternoon. That opportunity to take a little ‘me time’ stops the stress and makes it easier to focus when I get back to work.

My other favourite tip is to listen to an audiobook before bed. This stops me worrying about the essays that I’m working on and helps me get a full nights sleep so I feel bright and ready to work the next day. I think for me the key is to think of university like a job: you must put in the hours required to succeed, but at the end of the day, you need to think about yourself too – whether that means a long bath, or going out with your peers.

Evie – MA Creative and Professional Writing

Lists, lists, lists. I always write a to do list before I go to bed so that in my mind it’s clear what in need to do the next day and what my priorities are going to be. It’s silly but even sometimes jotting down non-uni things that you want to get done that day (Shower / Buy potatoes / Send cousin’s birthday card) will help you actually allocate time to doing them rather than leaving it floating around in the ‘I really need to do xyz’ part of your brain.

Alongside your ‘to do’ list it can sometimes be helpful to have a ‘done’ list – when you accomplish something, even something small that is helping you towards your goal of writing your essay or revising for your exam add it to your done list. That way that the end of the day you may feel stressed that you haven’t gotten your assignment done, but it’s easy to see the little steps you’ve made in the right direction.

It sounds super cheesy but sometimes it helps to take a step back and keep it in perspective. Remember how lucky you are to be receiving such an excellent education. I’ve found that in my head if I stop saying ‘yikes I have so many things I HAVE to do!’ and start saying ‘I’ve got a lot of things that I GET to do!’ it can help. Gratitude for your opportunities can be powerful stuff.

Savannah – Student and Alumni Communications Officer

You need to make sure that you’re eating as much healthy food as possible to get your metabolism high enough for your brain to work properly. I didn’t believe this at first either, but it’s definitely one of the key things to keep stress levels down.

Another major thing to do is get plenty of SLEEP. Sometimes, I’m so busy that I forget to even think about sleep. I know a lot of us do this, but you’ll feel 100% better if you get at least 8 hours a night… even when it is harder to give your mind a rest.

One thing that is absolutely underrated is going out for walks and having food out to take your mind off things. Even though you think there isn’t enough time to do this in stressful situations; the amount of time you spent worrying, is the same time you could off gone out for a walk with your friends and come back in. You shouldn’t feel bad about doing this because everyone needs to rest. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to do hours on end of work – we can’t all be superheroes every single day!

Jade – English Literature

As soon as you get your module handbooks; write down all your deadlines. Keeping track of what is due when (from early on in the semester) means no stressful surprises or forgotten assignments when April comes around.

Also, as everyone will tell you, remember to get enough sleep, drink enough water and eat decent food. During busy hand in- and exam periods, both your mind and your body are working incredibly hard, and you need to make sure that you give them both enough fuel to do their job.

Andrea  – Creative Writing

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And, best of luck with your studies!


Posted by: Elena Pearce